What to expect?

    You don´t need to prepare anything before coming to your float session. Floating is very non-complicated! Are you a first time floater? Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so we can give you a brief introduction. After the introduction, you will be escorted to your private floatation room. A float session in our floatation tanks last for 60 minutes. Everything you will need for your float session will be included:

    • Earplugs
    • Clean Towels
    • Shampoo, and Body Wash
    • A Hair Drying room

    You are also welcome to bring your own amenities if you prefer.

    You do not need to wear a swimsuit since the water is sterile and each Flotation tank is located in a private room with a shower and changing area.

    Preparing for your float session

    We highly recommend you to not shave, wax or tan the day of your Float session to avoid irritation. If you have any small cuts or extra sensitive skin, we will provide Vaseline to gently cover those areas.

    In order to create a tranquil space without unnecessary distractions, we would recommend a small meal one hour prior to your session to avoid hunger and a growling stomach.

    • You should not drink coffee or other beverages containing caffeine four hours before your float.
    • You are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.
    • Wash off all hair products that you have been using.
    • If you recently dyed you hair and the color has not set you cannot enter the tank.
    • Women who are on their monthly cycle need to reschedule for a later date.

    If you are pregnant:

    Women whom are in their first trimester of pregnancy cannot float. The same goes for the last month of pregnancy. We who work at Floatasian Float Spa knows a lot about floatation but we are no doctors and no experts about pregnancy, therefore we can only share what we have read and heard from other women whom floated during their pregnancy. You float on your own risk. If you have any concerns about the effects of floating while being pregnant, we ask you to consult and get permission from your physician before you float. However, the pregnant women whom have floated here before usually enjoyed it a lot.


    When you are ready to float please follow these steps:

  • The process

    The floatation process


    Take of clothes

    Take of your clothes and remove any jewelry, accessories and contact lenses.



    Enter the earplugs into your ears.



    Shower thoroughly.


    Enter the tank

    Enter and place yourself comfortably in the float tank



    The first 5 minutes music will be played in the tank. You can also chose to listen to guided meditation.


    Music at the end

    When the music starts again it signals that the Floatation session is over. Take a few minutes to wake up from your state of relaxation and transition from the float tank to the shower.


    Shower after

    Shower thoroughly and enjoy the after effects from your float. We would kindly ask our guest to not shower for more than 10 minutes since we need to start the cleaning process of the tank and prepare for the next float session.

  • When a session is completed, it’s important to shower off the salt on your body. You are welcome to stay after your session and enjoy our relaxation area where we offer post-float amenities while your body slowly re-adjusts back to its normal pace. We also have a hair drying/make up area for our guests.

  • Attention