• FLOAT Ambassadors & Testimonials

    Why do the elite float at Floatasian Float Spa?

    Jasin Chang

    Model & Actor

    "I have to work and adapt with each situation, and it can be a tireless process of satisfying everyones demands. When I get in that tank though, it cuts out all the noise and leaves me alone with my own thoughts." Read more in our interview with Jasin Chang.

    Magnus Hellberg

    Swedish National Team Goal Tender

    Magnus Hellberg is the Swedish national team´s ice hockey goal tender. Magnus currently plays in HC Kunlun Red Star in the Kontinental Hockey League. Magnus lives in Shanghai and floats at Floatasian Float spa for recovery between games.

    Kyle "Kyote" Rozewski

    MMA Fighter

    "As an MMA fighter, I use floating as not only a way to repair and rest my aches and pains, but also as a sleep and meditation aid. For the obvious health benefits it's important to everyone, but for those of us with constant working joints and muscles the ability to relax and be completely postured while resting is a hyper effective healing method. And since I'm able to finally not think about my daily aches I can use my undivided attention to mediate and focus on my upcoming fight. The sleep I have the night of a good float is as important as the daily maintenance. The kind people at Floatasian have opened up a whole new, and medicine free way to heal myself and prepare for the rigorous grind every fighters must endure to prepare for battle."

    Cory Arth

    Dr. Cory Arth UP-Clinic

    "Sensory deprivation provides relief to one of our abused and overlooked systems in the body: the nervous system. Floating is one of the potent weapons we have in combating the stress and tension inflicted by a modern lifestyle."

    Gillian Farell

    Gillian at Alize Salon

    Artistic director Gillian Farrell hails from Ireland and

    brings more than 12 years of international experience in the hairdressing field, including 7 years in Shanghai. Gillian usually floats in the morning to power boost her day with extra energy!

    Tom Xiong

    Founder Move Shanghai

    Tom Xiong is the founder of Move Shanghai, a health and fitness platform in China. Tom floats to optimize himself.

    Preston Kuo

    Speaker/Thought Leader/ Coach (getmadeinchina.com)

    President of China Foundations and Powerful Human partner, Preston has dedicated his career to bridging the gap of understanding between China and the West.

    Brandon Mehrgut

    Certified Mindfulness Coach

    Brandon is an American Mindfulness coach who helps people in Shanghai to become more aware of the present moment. To live more in the “now” so to say.

    Alex Garcia

    Founder and Head Trainer at AFit Training Studio

    "I can say with no doubt that floating reduces stress and speeds up recovery. I feel totally recovered with 1 hour float after an intense working morning (from 6am to 1pm non-stop) and then back to evening sessions (from 5pm to 9pm) , it boosts my energy!

    Recon John

    Kettlebell & Mindfulness Coach

    RJ Has been helping people to become stronger for over 10 years. RJ has made us at Floatasian strong. RJ uses Floatation Therapy with Breathwork and Visualization to maximize his overall Body-Mind training program.

    Lauren Hogan

    F45 Training Shanghai

    Lauren Hogan is the general manager of F45 Training Shanghai, functional training, circuit-based fitness studios. Lauren floats to relax her mind, heal her muscles and shut off for an hour from the outside world.


    Free Soul Yoga

    "Flotation is like taking your physical body and your mind into a completely new planet. Once you learn to let go, the ease arrives automatically, and all your thoughts starts to sinking and fading away, leave behind the breath only. Physically you become so relaxed, emotionally you become so calm, happy and satisfied. The mind also become more sharp and clear. It’s an amazing way to escape from all the chaos and find the inner peace."

    Vy Vu


    Vy is very productive. Full-time-job, charity work and one of the founders of FitFam. Vy floats when she needs a break and recover from all the hard work.



    I started floating after an injury knowing how much salts can help with healing. It’s continued being helpful and is a total break from everything going on around me. I leave with a completely relaxed feeling both in body and mind.

    Minjin Sodnomtseren

    Student Master's in Architecture

    I just want to say thank you! Before my float session I was sleeping really bad. Now I can fall a sleep as soon as I go to bed and I feel so fresh.

    Rachel Sorensen

    Chief Content Manager, Move Shanghai

    “I started floating out of curiosity, and discovered very quickly how amazing it is. You get to have your own dark, quiet space for an hour, and release the tension in your body and mind. Floating is soothing and effective, and I always sleep like a rock after a float.”

    Shufang Zeng (Annie)

    Finance Manager

    "I am into sports and have pushed myself beyond my limits so often that I have experienced injuries. Floating is an amazing rehab component to me as it helps me recover both physically and mentally. When I am in the tank, I can allow myself to experience all feelings that come to me without fear because I am embraced by warm water. Feeling all emotions is an important part of my healing process. Floating helps me successfully moving through the recovery process and I would like to recommend it to all serious trainees."

  • Before and After

    With Verena

    Before Float

    Office Manager

    Before I felt tired, my lower back was aching, shoulders tense and completely uneasy

    After Float

    Office Manager

    After I felt completely pain free, my mind calm, shoulders relaxed and no more pain. I totally enjoyed it!