• Safety

    Floating is safe and suitable for almost everyone. If you have any concerns about your suitability to float, we suggest that you consult with your physician prior.

    Please refer to our terms and conditions prior to your session and please re-schedule for a later appointment if any of the conditions listed below apply to you. We hold the right to refuse guest from entering our facilities if:

    • You are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs
    • You have just gotten a new tattoo or piercing (We recommend at least 4 weeks of healing)
    • You are in your first trimester of pregnancy
    • You have an infectious disease, large cuts or open wounds.
    • You suffer from epilepsy that is not medically controlled or supervised
    • You recently colored your hair. This will ensure that the tank will not discolor your hair, and your hair dye won´t be transferred to our tanks. (We recommend at least 2 weeks for the color to set)
    • You have extremely low blood pressure
    • You have recently received chemotherapy (We recommend at least 2 months of recovery)

    We want to ensure every guest´s safety and for you to fully enjoy your float session.