• Introduction

    It´s very common for people about to experience their first float to be worried about being alone in the dark and some people think that they will lose control of their body while in the tank.

    The reality is the exact opposite: you are the one in control during a floatation session. You can enter and exit the tank as you please and keep the door open and lights on if you prefer. Most of our guests prefer to enjoy their session in the dark with the door closed, but it´s up to you to customize your experience and make yourself comfortable.

    If it´s first time, please become familiar with the tank before entering, and you will realize how easily the door slides open and how ergonomically designed the inside of the tank is. When inside of the tank, carefully move your body and experience how the salt solution always keeps you afloat on your back. Like we mentioned before, you´re always in control.

    Comfortable body position

    You always lie on your back and we encourage our guests to experiment with different arm positions to find a comfortable position.

    Breathing in the tank

    The tank is not airtight and it is equipped with a ventilation system to keep the air temperature at the right level.

    Knowing when the float session is over

    When music starts playing again, it means that your session is over. A few minutes later the filtration system will automatically start the cleaning process, preparing the tank for the next session.

    Please leave the tank and walk to the shower, it´s important to wash off all excess salt in the showers and use any of the amenities that you might need.

    Enjoy your float and don´t hesitate to ask our staff if you have questions.

  • Faq

  • What do I need to bring?

    You don´t need to bring anything. We provide you with everything you need including amenities for pre- and post- float showers - including clean towels and earplugs.

    The rooms are private and our tanks are cleaned between sessions so there´s no need to wear a bathing suit. Bathing suits will also prevent you from experiencing your session fully and we don´t recommend you to wear one. If you wear contact lenses, we recommend you to remove them and place them in their case during your session.

    Can I eat and drink before floating?

    Yes, we recommend a small meal prior to your session to prevent distractions such as hunger and a growling stomach.

    Can I drink coffee or tea before floating?

    We recommend stay away from beverages containing caffeine a couple of hours prior to your session. It may interfere with your ability to relax and enjoy your session fully. Since our bathrooms are located outside of our tank rooms, we recommend you to stay hydrated but not drink too much prior to your session.

    Is the water in the tank clean?

    The water in the tank is cleaned before each session. The high level of salinity (about 35%) creates a sterile environment where no microorganisms can reproduce. Each tank is equipped with its own high tech filtration system using mechanical filtrations and UV rays, making sure that each tank is cleaned between sessions.

    Can I float with other people?

    Floatation is designed as an individual experience.

    What happens if I fall asleep in the tank?

    Falling asleep in the tank is very common and very comfortable. The density of the salt solution makes it very difficult to roll over by accident. If you for some reason you do manage to doze off, the worst that can happen is getting salt water in your eyes, mouth or nose; an experiences that will guarantee to wake you up.

    What happens if I get salt water in my eyes?

    It will sting and you may experience discomfort but it´s not dangerous. Just open the tank door, grab a towel and gently dab the salt water off then continue the float session.

    How often should I float?

    You can float every day! The effects from floating can be experienced immediately after each session and usually last longer than one day. We recommend regular sessions and our regular guests usually fit in one or two sessions each week in their busy schedules.