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    How Floatation Therapy helps with Insomnia and improving sleep quality

  • How Floatation helps increasing your sleep quality

    Sleep disorders left untreated can cause more than just daytime fatigue. They can damage your physical health and lead to diminished productivity, weight gain, increase stress, lower immune function, impaired memory.

    Floatation relaxes muscles and reduce physical aches and pains, which can prevent people from sleeping well at night. By allowing the body to relax, your heart rate goes down and you think more clear. The brain shifts from alpha waves to sleep-inducing theta waves, which are the cornerstones for promoting deep sleep. Everything slows down and your autonomic nervous system is balanced.

    Floatation helps with the following which increases the quality of sleep

    • Lowered heart rate

    • Balanced Autonomic Nervous System

    • A totally relaxed body

    • Clearer thoughts

    • Less pain

    • Less anxiety

  • Turning off all external stimuli

    If you lie in a normal bed, your brain is still working to keep you balanced and send sensory information to your brain. Your body is also working on keeping the right skin and core temperature.

    But when you lie in skin temperature salt water with no need to balance gravity, those parts of your brain and body can relax as well. Then add that there is no noise stimuli. So your ears and the part of your brain handling sound can also relax.

    There is no visual stimuli. When you lie in bed there is light from a lot of different sources. Your phone, your extension cable, your tv, your stereo, your window etc.

  • In the tank it's pitch black. So the parts of you brain that is in charge of visual can rest as well. You don't find that kind of dark places in your normal environment. When you lie with no pressure from gravity on your body, your blood can flow more freely and your muscles gets some really deep relaxation. Your body is thanking you for the nice state you have put it in and start sending out natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

    When brain waves slow down so does also pain. Fast brain waves means more pain.Your thoughts also slows down and you have time to sort out your mind inside the tank. So the annoying thoughts you usually have before falling asleep are gone and you fall asleep faster after a float session.

  • Floatation Therapy helps with Insomnia

    Research at British Columbia University has found that floating brings improvement in insomnia symptoms. Being in an intensely relaxed state, off from all external stimuli, off gravity, in skin temperature water filled with 500 Kilos of epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) appears to mimic various stages of sleep and functions to restore sleep deprivation and restores and refreshes your senses.

  • Even if you don’t usually have problems sleeping, after just one flotation therapy session you’re likely to fall into a deeper sleep than normal after your session, and feel much more rejuvenated and restored the next day.


  • Floatation as a remedy for Jetlag

    Floatation can help bring back balance, reset sleep cycle and improve energy level almost like hitting a reset bottom, relieving the body from cramps after flying. Some health experts argue that an hour in a floatation tank can provide the same amount of rest as up to four to six hours of deep sleep.

    In a recent CNN article about the conventional ways to combat jet lag they listed flotation therapy as it provides perks for frequent travelers due to its ability to re-calibrate your internal clock

    “Floatation Tanks are used for relaxation, encouraging creativity, and treating problems such as anxiety, swelling, insomnia and jet lag.” CNN Travel

  • Testimonials

    See what our customers have to say about floating for better sleep quality:

    Minjin Sodnomtseren

    Student Master's in Architecture

    I just want to say thank you! Before my float session I was sleeping really bad. Now I can fall a sleep as soon as I go to bed and I feel so fresh.

    Rachel Sorenson

    Chief Content Manager, Move Shanghai

    “I started floating out of curiosity, and discovered very quickly how amazing it is. You get to have your own dark, quiet space for an hour, and release the tension in your body and mind. Floating is soothing and effective, and I always sleep like a rock after a float.”

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