• Floatation for

    mindfulness and meditation

  • Meditation

    Meditation is the practice of calming yourself down to a state where it is easier to focus on something or
    nothing at all. Slowing down your breath, nervous system and brain waves, so that your brain can make
    connections that it otherwise wouldn’t have the capacity to do. (Also what happens inside the float
    tank). Most of the time your brain is kept busy interpreting, adapting and responding to your

    Combine Floatation and Meditation

    The float tank is the perfect environment to practice meditation. There is no other place you can
    meditate with such ease. When floating, time and space disappears and as there is no pressure on your
    body, no lights or sound. In the tank you have no choice; you reach a meditative state automatically.
    At Floatasian Float Spa you have an option to listen to guided meditations meanwhile floating with our
    underwater headphones to reach a meditative state faster.

  • Floatation & Meditation Infographic

    Explaining Mindfulness and Meditation in combination with Floatation

    Video about Floatation and Meditation


    Brendan a.k.a 郝给力

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  • Mindfulness in Shanghai

    Below you find information about Meditation and Mindfulness in Shanghai

    Brandon Mehrgut

    Certified Mindfulness Coach

    Brandon is an American Mindfulness coach who helps people in Shanghai to become more aware of the present moment. To live more in the “now” so to say. Read more in our interview with Brandon...


    Recon John

    Kettlebell & Mindfulness Coach

    RJ Has been helping people awaken their "Stronger Self" for over 10 years. RJ has made us at Floatasian strong. RJ uses Floatation Therapy with Breathwork and Visualization to maximize his overall Body-Mind training program.

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