• Introduction Video to floating

    Watch and learn everything you need to know before your first float session at Floatasian Float Spa.


    Answers to common questions:

  • Price: First float session

    1 float session is 488 RMB. Floating is a therapy and we highly recommend you to float several times to unlock all benefits. The more float sessions you commit to, the greater discount you will get. As a Floatasian VIP you can share your membership card Among your friends. A membership is valid one year from purchase date.

  • Membership deals

    All memberships can be shared with family and friends

  • Start package

    We also have a Start package where you float 3 times during 2 weeks for 1050 RMB .

    This Package cannot be shared with anyone but it includes very nice gifts from our partners and is our most sold package.

    How long is a session?

    One float session is 60 min inside the tank, but from entering the spa until leaving the spa you can count on 1.5 to 2 hours for your first float.

    Opening hours

    We accept the first customers at 8am and the last customers at 8pm.

    How many floatation tanks do you have?

    We have 3 float tanks, in 3 separate rooms. If you are a bigger group of people who wants to float you may float before and after each other.

    Couple floating / sharing a tank 888 RMB

    Floatation is designed as an individual experience and is as most powerful when floating alone. However I do not believe there is anything more romantic and bonding then laying comfortably, weightless next to your partner, maybe holding hands :)

    Our address

    288 Dagu Road, Building 5, 2A, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Chengdu North Road)


    上海市黄浦区大沽路288号, 大沽庭, 5号楼, 2层, A室, 邮编:200003 (靠近成都北路)

    Nearby metro stations

    Huangpi South Road: 750 meters

    West Nanjing Road: 500 - 1400 meters depending which metro line

    People Square: 1300 meters

    What do I need to bring?

    We recommend you to float naked and we provide you with everything you need for the float session.

    We don't provide hairstyling products, makeup and clean underwear.

  • What do I need to prepare

    Please be on time for your scheduled float session.

    Here you find more info about how to prepare for your first float session.

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