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Reduce Jet lag - Fly to Floatasian

Business travelers, Athletes, Actors, you name it. Floatation is gaining in popularity and more and more people are using it for reducing the effects of Jet lag.

Desynchronosis also is known as Jet lag is caused by rapidly traveling through different time zones, east to west and west to east with a Jet aircraft. It disrupts your internal clock and puts it in unbalance also called circadian dysrhythmia, causing insomnia, tiredness, headache, irritation, nausea etc. It can be very hard on your body and mind.

One common mistake is to take a power nap because of the tiredness in this situation. Most often it makes it harder to fall asleep at night in the new time zone, and disrupt the balance even more.

If arriving in the morning or during the day It's better to keep awake until evening falls, so you get in the new rhythm directly. This will minimize the Jet lag affects the upcoming days. But for you who wants the most out of your travel and for you who needs to be on top of your game, there is a solution….Floatation!

Floatation brings back balance, reset your sleep cycle and improve normal energy levels, almost like pushing a reset button, relieving your body from cramps after flying.

It doesn’t matter when you arrive and what time you float, but it is suggested to do it sooner than later to minimize the effects of Jet lag. Floatation says to be equal to 4-6 hours of sleep and is in short an extra rest in a condensed amount of time. It relaxes your whole body and mind, inducing Theta state, tricking your mind to believe you just slept.

One of the common reviews from Float centers and Float Spas clients around the world is how Floatation helps with reducing the effects of Jet lag.

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