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Model and Actor Jasin Chang talks floatation

“The Tank Allows me to Escape The City & Go Within"

Jasin Chang is a Shanghai based model/actor. He just landed a role in a featured movie produced by Luc Besson. Jasin is a hard core floater and floats at Floatasian Float Spa as often as his busy schedule allows him to. We have been lucky to get to know him during conversations before and after floating and would like to share with you how floatation fits into his busy life and how it benefits him.

When and where did you first float and how would you describe your first float experience?

My first float experience was at Floatlab, Venice Beach California 5 years ago with world renowned Float Guru Crash. It was an awesome experience, and I've been a fan ever since.

Modeling is portrayed as a glamorous, fancy career which is all about expensive clothing and shoes, meeting important, famous people while traveling the world; however, being a model is hard work and can be challenging. How are you dealing with the hard demands of your job mentally and physically and how does floatation help you?

As my workload has intensified I find myself looking for ways to keep myself both mentally grounded and energized. With so much uncertainty in this line of work, its easy to have your mind running in a million different directions, wandering or stressing from existing obligations, future opportunities, communicating with all kinds of eccentrics personalities, and just staying on top of your game. There is constant pressure to push forward or lose momentum. It can really leave you feeling like a shell of yourself. Floatation has been instrumental in bringing peace and calm. When my mental state feels stuck on too many to-dos i find a float session gets me grounded. I come out feeling positive and invigorated.

Being a model puts high demands on good physic. How are you keeping yourself in good shape?

The most important thing I found in staying in good shape is a healthy diet. Developing a good eating habit and routine has been paramount. Of course I workout as well, using weight resistance or incorporating something high-intensity at least 3 times a week. More recently I have been getting into yoga and dance.

You are traveling a lot over different time zones. Are you ever having trouble with jetlag?

Most definitely. Sleeping well is a skill in my opinion, a habit to be formed. When my healthy routine is disrupted, say by traveling, It takes me some time to get back on track. Surprisingly i found floatation has aided in this problem as well. I will go into a session with a different intent, but perhaps because I leave feeling so calm and serene, my whole nervous system is relaxed.

Just before your last float you posted a message on your WeChat: “Going Home / I´ve been around you earthlings’ too long, need to get away”.

We who float a lot can recognize that feeling but could you clarify what you mean by “going home”?

Haha, yes "going home" was a joke but definitely reflects how I feel when I get in the tank. This goes back to the part with dealing with so many different people and eccentric personalities. I have to work and adapt with each situation, and it can be a tireless process of satisfying everyones demands. When I get in that tank though, it cuts out all the noise and leaves me alone with my own thoughts. I find this allows me to cut out all the bullshit and get back in touch with my inner beliefs, my core values and what I am really comfortable with in my life. It takes me "home!"

You are an experienced floater. Do you have any special tips or tricks for beginners on how to make the most of their float sessions?

For a beginning floater I would recommend to go in with an open mind and no expectations. Think of it as a meditation session or a nice relaxing moment to get away from the outside world. For the first portion of the session you may feel nervous because of the suppression of senses, or have a million thoughts running through your head. Everytime you catch yourself thinking of these stressful thoughts, recognize it, let go, and bring yourself back into the moment by focusing on your breathing. Eventually you will find a place of calm, and thats where the magic happens.

How would you describe floatation to someone whom never tried it and what message you have for them?

Floatation has really become something I love and cherish. It may not be for everyone, but for those that try, it may become a great tool at their disposal. This is especially true for us city folks, I think we are overloaded with senses, so I believe this is a good opportunity to exclude external stimulants and look within.

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