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Brandon Mehrgut

A voice of comfort and security

Most of our English speaking readers are already familiar with Brandon. They might not know how he looks like but they have already been quite intimate with him. Sounds weird?

It´s not. Brandon is the creator and voice of the guided mindfulness meditation that we let our customers listen to when they float for their very first time. Our customers love it! They like his voice and the way he guides them to a more relaxed state. Some people are a bit nervous the first time they enter the floatation tank so they surely appreciate the comfort and sense of security Brandon´s smooth voice offer.

Brandon customized this audio for us and has also produced the Chinese version of it.

So who is Brandon?

Brandon is an American Mindfulness coach who helps people in Shanghai to become more aware of the present moment. To live more in the “now” so to say. He has with his company “Shanghai Mindfulness” created a program where people can sign up to get help to start and continue with meditation. Everything is very convenient and controlled through WeChat.

But that is not all. Brandon is also a certified mindfulness coach and helps big companies to become more mindful and focused. A calmer and more focused workforce are more effective and are less prone to become sick and stay home from work.

Brandon is also doing workshops and is very active on WeChat and in the expat community in Shanghai, teaching and spreading the knowledge about mindfulness to a continuously larger and more calm and focused crowd.

Brandon naturally picked up meditation and mindfulness from some of his mentors but did not get hooked after his first try. He had to work hard for it and compares it with exercise. “The pleasure of the activity comes with time”.

Brandon meditates around 30-40 minutes per day but usually divides his sessions into two shorter ones. Ideally, he meditates after walking but takes 30-60 minutes to unwind before he starts. He meditates observing his own breath, not trying to change it but by simply observing it. His favorite spot for his morning meditation practice is his workout room on a cushion. Throughout the day he has also meditates at these locations:

· At his office, sitting up, eyes slightly open, at the keyboard 5-10 min when needed (between breaks)

· When Traveling: in lines, airports, trains, taxi cabs (during passive travel)

· While walking (Feeling the sensations of his feet touching the floor, etc.)

· Pre bed: 5 minutes into sleep (Relaxing the conceptual mind before bed)

· Post bed: 5 minutes after sleep (Decreasing stress upon waking and not being tempted to check technology the first hour of wakefulness)

Brandon has learned a lot through meditation but the most important thing he learned is self-awareness of himself and his surroundings. Second is increased emotional regulation, and thirdly his memory has improved, and he has become more focused and happy.

He also feels more balanced now and has become more mentally tough and creative while also feeling more empathetic and compassionate for others. With those great benefits, it's not that hard to understand why he has chosen to meditate every day for the last 10 years. Brandon describes it as a “mental reset” or a warm bath for the brain after a long day.

The most challenging part of the meditation practice according to Brandon is to maintain the routine during the weekend.“With meditation, the less you try, the further you go” says Brandon. To maintain the daily practice is also the most challenging part when teaching others to meditate. Getting students to maintain the habit is the most important part.

Brandon´s goal is to deepen his knowledge in everything related to zen techniques and help people becoming teachers. Brandon aims to be a flexible, compassionate, and entertaining teacher, yet with profound depth.

We asked Brandon to share with his own words why he floats at Floatasian Float Spa. This is what he said:

Floatasian has not only been a place for me to quiet the mind, it’s been a community of people coming together sharing ideas and helping one another.

My typical experience would be arriving at Floatasian, then get greeted by their warm team, and chat about how we’ve grown. What we have learned.

That’s what I think about Floatasian, growth.

When it comes to becoming more mindful, there’s a lot you can do. There are many tools. One major tool is the tank. And the tank is always a different experience. As a mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and corporate trainer I can’t recommend them enough.

Floatasian benefits me in two major ways:

1) Floating helps me stay present and deepen my own mindfulness practice.

2) I explore new ideas each time I enter Floatasian.

Floating in sensory deprivation chambers can help almost anyone. If you either already have a deep mindfulness practice, new at it, are an athlete, or corporate executive you will grow. Everyone benefits from taking time out in total tranquility.

If you get the inside right, the outside follows.

Brandon Mehrgut

Founder of Shanghai Mindfulness

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Certified Mindfulness Coach

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