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An Adventure within Your Own Mind


There is only one environment that allows you total freedom and peace. This environment don’t follow the rules of the outside world.

When you are disconnected from the outside world and freed from the gravitational pressure on your body. You will certainly wonder why you haven’t started doing this earlier. That thought usually shifts to a feeling of gratitude.

It really amazes me how the floatation tank is such a great tool to discover your subconscious mind, it’s like meditation on steroids and by freeing the mind from the body, there is only peace.

Where do I want to travel this time? A forgotten memory from my childhood? Analysing recent events from a new angle? Or creating a new place that only exists within my mind?

The goal is not to sleep inside the tank, even though it’s amazing. The goal is to dream! And for me who floats often, it’s about dreaming consciously, and create within my dreams. Easier said than done, but there is no other tool for this than the floatation tank.

Everything you see in the world that is created by humans, always started as a thought, picture or dream in someone’s mind.

For me 50 % is the experiences I have inside the tank itself and the other 50 % is the hours that follow after my float session. 

After a floatation session you most certainly will feel a natural high. You will feel lighter, more sensitive to light, noise and taste. Music sounds better after your session and the relaxed state you have reached inside the tank increases dopamine and endorphin levels so you may also feel euphoria. 

Every float session is different and you never know beforehand what you will experience inside the tank. This makes every session like an adventure within. Some sessions will give you more energy while other sessions just make you very calm. It all depends on factors such as what time of the day you float and what state you were in before your float. I suggest everyone to try different times of the day to see what is the most suitable and beneficial time for them. 

When you float you solve whatever needs to be solved and heal whatever needs to be healed. Sometimes directly after your session it can feel like you didn’t solve anything during the session in the tank but I can promise you that whatever decision you made after the session is much better than a decision you would have made while feeling stressed and not at ease. 

With this said I hope you will come to experience your own adventure in the tank. 
Thanks for reading,

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